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Dataset of CNCAH Network

CNCAH shapes generated by the CNCAHNetGenerator. You can download the dataset from here.


doughnut : The data set of doughnut shape.
doughnut.png : A preview of doughnut shape.

Smile : The data set of smile shape.
Smile.png : A preview of smile shape.

Star : The data set of star shape.
Star.png : A preview of star shape.

U-Shape : The data set of u-shape shape.
U-Shape.png : A preview of u-shape shape.
Format of dataset:
For example, a data has n nodes and m edges.
[1] line : Node count.
[2] - [n+1] line : Node index, x position, y position. Remark: the x and y positions are within [0,1].
[n+2] line : Edge count.
[n+3] - END line : start node of edge, end node of edge.


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