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Architecture of Force-directed Algorithms

A graph layout problem, or visualization problem, refers to a set of nodes and a set of relationships (edges) built on top of this set of nodes, calculating the position of the nodes and drawing each edge as a line or curve.

One of the most important research directions in the visualization technology of graphs is the study of graph layout algorithms. The core content of the graph layout algorithm research is to study how to display the graph structure in a better way. E.g. force-directed algorithms.

The comprehensive workflow for basic force-directed algorithms are summarized below:

  1. Kamada-Kawai Algorithm
  2. Fruchterman Reingold Algorithm
  3. ForceAtlas2 Algorithm
  4. LinLog Algorithm
  5. Davidson and Harel Algorithm

The workflow of Davidson and Harel Algorithm

The workflow of LinLog Algorithm

The workflow of Kamada-Kawai Algorithm

The workflow of Fruchterman Reingold Algorithm

The workflow of ForceAtlas2 Algorithm